Natural Gas and Fracking

Some natural gas wells have seriously polluted water and air in localities near the wells or downstream from waste disposal sites. Yet it appears that a vast majority of natural … Continue Reading →

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Are Five Times More Than Subsidies To Renewables

It seems like nonsense, yet it appears to be true! In 2013 the International Energy Agency reported its latest world energy subsidy totals. The agency observed that fossil fuels were … Continue Reading →

Power Efficiency: Where does the energy go?

  To deliver a unit of useful energy to your your home, it takes over twice as much energy to start out with, before losses (rejected energy) at generating plants … Continue Reading →

Can managed grazing reduce atmospheric CO2?

“We can take enough carbon out of the atmosphere and safely store it in the grassland soils for thousands of years. And if we just do that on about half … Continue Reading →

What is Biochar?

                    Biochar is charcoal that can be spread on agricultural lands. Advocates believe biochar could significantly reduce global warming. The material … Continue Reading →

Climate Policy: Caring for Our Kids and Theirs

  Climate Policy It’s crucial that we recognize just how important this is! We have the opportunity to make things better for our kids, and for many future generations. . … Continue Reading →